Your 5 Step Guide To Target Multiple Keywords With One Page

Though it looks like a simple topic, many SEO experts are unable to conclude when it comes to the matter of targeting multiple keywords on one page. Firstly, you complete all the groundwork for building your web page. Afterwards you compile the best possible keywords through an extensive research. You are now faced with two choices. Should you stick to the old school technique of creating one web page for one appropriate keyword? Or you need to create a web page that targets a set of the relative keyword?

Multiple Keywords With One Page

Using this 5 step guide you will be able to target multiple keywords for your web pages.

  1. Understanding the visitor

What is the searcher looking for? Is his need specific or general? Are they looking for a single particular product or service? For example, you have a company providing multiple products and services like interior designers. At most times the searcher is probably looking for a particular type of ceiling design for their office but at the same time they may have an idea about changing the furnishing too but a little later. It is better to create a web page targeting multiple keywords like ceiling design as well as furnishing and related things.

  1. Keywords that are mismatched

Make sure not to club mismatched keywords for targeting while creating a web page or for social media marketing. Let us understand what this means by an example. If you are targeting hair care products along with antidepressants, it doesn’t make sense. It is common for online drug stores to sell both these products on their portal but a visitor looking for hair care products has different needs as compared to the visitor searching for antidepressants. It becomes almost impossible to cater to both of them on the same page.

  1. Keywords that match

When you are targeting related keywords it makes sense to target them on a single page. For example Dental care. You can target for toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss and other dental aids on a single page. They are all closely related products and hence enhance the possibility of the visitor opting for more than one product.

  1. Employing keywords to Title and Heading tags of your web page

You must compile a final list of targeted keywords. Once you have the list ready insert them on the web page you are constructing in the headings [H2, H3]. You must furnish an effective narration directly after the headings.

  1. Repetition is not mandatory

You must ensure that the keywords selected for targeting are on the web page title and in the headline. It could be used on the page once or twice. The most important thing that matters a lot is having impressive content of high value. SEO is all about outstanding user and usage metrics that will provide you with good results.

Use the LSI (latent semantic Indexing) keywords that are related to your keywords semantically. By having these keywords spread throughout will help Google understand what is that you’re talking about and this will strengthen your search engine optimization score.

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