What You Need to Know About Payment Card Industry Compliance

Have you ever bought something online using a debit or credit card? If you did, there is a good chance that the site you bought the item on asked you if you want to create an account and save your card information for later use. Little did you know it at the time, but that website was hosting your private data with a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant hosting provider. What is a PCI compliant hosting provider? Let’s take a closer look so you can better understand just how much work companies are doing behind the scenes to keep you and your credit card information, as well as personal information, safe from harm and online hackers.And to keep the money you work hard for each and every day in your own bank account and out of the wrong hands.

PCI Compliant Hosting Providers

PCI Compliant Hosting Providers are companies that will safely and securely help a company to accept credit and debit card payments on a website. Not only will these providers help accept the payments, they will also process, store and transmit the cardholder’s data safely and securely so that the cardholder and the company they were shopping with are both protected from personal information being stolen and security from being breached.

PCI Compliant Requirements

There are numerous requirements that PCI compliant hosting providers must meet. They must install and maintain a firewall configuration that is set up to protect cardholder data. The network always needs to be safe and secure. They will not be allowed to use vendor-supplied default system passwords. The company must create unique and secure passwords in an effort to protect cardholder data. They must also use and continually update their antivirus software, as new malware is always being developed and could easily pose a problem if not properly prevented from attack.  It is beneficial for PCI compliant hosting providers to regularly test their security systems and processes to ensure they are working properly and protecting their clients.

Becoming PCI Compliant

CheckMarx can help out a great deal with PCI compliance, as they are able to provide coding that will protect users from all existing and new malware threats. They also work to fully integrate with any payment card industry organization’s SDLC and give them a constant analysis of any code, whether it is new or previously written.

There are always new threats to the credit card industry and you will find that shopping online is more dangerous than it ever had been before, with identity theft and credit card theft on the rise each year. Thankfully, there are a number of PCI compliant hosts out there that work hard to protect your personal information and card information from being used maliciously. These companies are doing so much behind the scenes that you may alwaysbe able to keep your credit card information or the information of your beloved customers safe from being compromised or stolen online 24/7.

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