What You Need to Know About Bongs Before Using Them

You must have heard of the term bong if you happen to be an enthusiast of dry herbs, tobacco, or medicinal cannabis. A bong is a device used in smoking various substances such as legal marijuana or favorite flowers or herbs. They are made from different materials, shapes, and sizes depending on the functions. Bongs which go by a number of names such as Billy, moof, and water pipe works by passing smoke through water which removes toxins and cancer-causing compounds found in smoke.

standard Parts of a Bong

Most bongs have four sections: a tube, a down stem, a base, and a bowl. The user places the dried herbs or cannabis on the bowl for combustion and smoke production. It is easy to remove it for refill and cleaning and then connect it to the down stem. Adown stem is a small tube that connects the bowl to the base. It allows the travel of smoke to the base from the bowl where it percolates through the water. The base comes in different sizes and shapes with the most common of them being bulbous or beaker shapes. It contains water, which cools the smoke before the user inhales it. The tube is a smoke-filled chamber where the user inhales the filtered smoke.

How to use A Bong

The process of inhaling using a bong is different from other smoking devices. The user places a lighter flame at the favorite herb or any other products at the bowl to release smoke that travels to the base through the down stem. The water at the base filters the smoke, which gets rid of the tar and other carcinogenic products in the smoke. Additionally, the water also reduces the temperatures in the smoke making it cooler and thicker than it was before encountering the water. The user can then enjoy the smooth smoking experience from the mouthpiece.

Various Types of Bongs

Bongs come in different shapes and sizes; therefore, getting one should be easy. Manufacturers use glass, ceramic, and plastic or acrylic while making bongs. Glass bongs are popular with most users following their transparency and the richness of shapes, colors, and sizes. Anyone looking to add style and attraction to their smoking experience may also opt for the wooden and metallic bongs. There are different styles used in the manufacture of bongs including straight tube bongs, multi-chamber, percolator, and carburetor bongs. The straight tube is the most common one featuring a bulbous base and a long tubular mouthpiece. The multi-chamber bong has two chambers, which provide a better smoke filtration than the one-chambered bong. Visit https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/glass-water-pipes-and-bongs to get various bongs available in the market.


People have been using bongs for many centuries due to the smooth and enjoyable feeling that it brings. Some bongs are top class with prices going beyond $1,000 while others that are cheap and affordable have prices falling below $100. Remember to consider other factors such as your lung capacity, the function of the bongs, and the storage space that you have. The glass made bongs are fragile, so you should take great care during storage to avoid breakage.

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