What To Expect From Schlage Engage Technology

Schlage NDE locks are among the best in the market with great security options and incredible operability. The locks themselves have many unique features that set them apart from different locks and security systems in the market. However, it goes without saying that it is the ENGAGE Technology that is responsible for the great results that users and other people working with the locks get to enjoy. Below is a little more information on the technology itself in terms of what it is, how it works and what Schlage lock users have to look forward to as a result of its presence in the security packages.


Schlage Engage is basically a software technology platform that links the lock, its controls and the users for seamless connectivity that in turns ensures optimum lock functionality. The technology basically works as a smart control system bringing together these three key components to ensure efficiency of the lock with maximum convenience and ease of use to the user. The technology is also involved in the remote control and monitoring of the lock using the Engage App. In a nutshell, engage is meant to make your life a lot easier as the Schlage NDE Series user.

How Does The Technology Work?

Engage technology works in different ways in order to offer great results to the user. Fundamentally, it operates as a wireless system allowing for very fast and easy installation and connection. The wireless nature of this technology also facilitates the remote management using the Engage mobile phone app. This allows the user to perform various control activities including code changing and access monitoring.

As far as operation is concerned, the Schlage Engage Technology recognizes different forms of electronic credentials with mobile signals and proximity cards being among the most commonly used. These the mobile electronic credentials come in particularly handy in the office setting allowing the controllers flexibility as far as code changing is concerned. The technology also makes use of access cards a lot easier as it is designed to recognize different formats which in turn adds to the flexibility benefit accorded to the users.

To create the link between the lock, the controls and the user, Schlage Engage Technology also makes use of the special Engage Gateway network connection. This allows direct access to the Security Alliance System for real time communication and notifications from the smart lock system.

Benefits Of Schlage Locks With ENGAGE Technology

  1. Convenience

The technology makes the locks a lot easier not only to operate and maintain but also to install making them among the most convenient security locks in the market.

  1. Compatibility

Schlage Engage facilitates compatibility with different access systems including access cards, RFID chips, mobile phone credentials and virtual keys.

  1. Customizable

This feature especially comes in handy when the locks are installed in a commercial setting such as in a factory or an office building. The Schlage Engage Technology allows customizing of the lock and the security system to suit different official needs. Some of these customization options include unique codes for different level workers and access monitoring logs that also serve as employee time stamps.

  1. Scalable

This allows you to add Schlage locks to the system as your business grows without having to deal with multiple Engage networks. Once the lock is set up and configured, the Schlage Engage tech will allow connection and communication with other locks for seamless functionality.

  1. Real-time communication

This is made possible by the Gateway Engage feature of the technology that allows direct connection to the Alliance System and to the Schlage NDE Lock system’s cloud servers.

  1. Cost effective

This is the case especially when mobile electronic keys are used. In this case, Schlage Engage technology recognizes and authenticates access codes from different individuals using virtual keys on their smart phones. This eliminates the need to print physical access cards that cost money and are a liability to the overall security.


It is difficult to deny the sheer awesomeness of ENGAGE technology with all its amazing perks. Having understood how it works, it is now very easy to see why Schlage NDE Series locks are considered some of the best and easiest locks to work with. The best part is that the technology makes life easier not only for those using the locks but also for those setting up, maintaining and generally taking care of the locks. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade to one of the best smart lock systems in the security industry, Schlage ENGAGE enabled locks are definitely worth giving a shot.


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