What is Sky3DS+ and how to hack Nintendo New3DS XL ?

With the progress of technologies, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo New3DS are hacked by 3DS Flashcart, just like Sky3DS+ or R4 3DS. For the beginner of 3DS flashcard, what’s Sky3DS+ ? How to hack Nintendo 3DS / New3DS with this card on a version 3DS 11.3.0-36 ? Today you will find your answer.

What is Sky3DS+ ?

Sky3DS+ is a card that was created by sky3ds.com. There are other two versions of Sky3DS from the team, SKY3DS V1 with the red button, Sky3DS V2 with the blue button. The most recent version of SKY3DS is the orange button it’s called Sky3DS+, it was released on december, it is way better than the previous versions. 

To play free 3DS games with Sky3DS+ card, we need to buy a Micro SD card. The largest 3DS games are about 4Gb, average games are between 1Gb and 2Gb. SD cards must be formated to Fat32, it can support any size as long as it is Fat32 but the downside is that you cannot write 4Gb or more so large roms must be trimmed with a tool called 3DSExplorer. 

Sky3DS+ has no game limit that was the red button one. You can update the games and buy DLC from the eshop. It is very easy to udate Sky3DS + you have download the firmware V130 from their site copy it to the root of the sd card and connect the Sky3DS to your pc with a usb cord, it brings the led the card has will flash a couple times and when it stops its done its really quick.

In fact, Sky3DS+ is a tool to hack Nintendo 3DS to play free 3DS games on 3DS 11.3.0-36. Then how to hack Nintendo 3DS to play free 3DS or NDS games ?

How to hack Nintendo 3DS ?

The latest system update is 11.3.0–36 U/E/J, like always, Nintendo only uses one sentence to describe the update, “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”. In fact, 3ds flashcard like Sky3DS+ works directly each update of Nintendo 3DS. So all the players can update your firmware by using your WiFi. (You can check your 3DS firmware at the System settings ont the top screen).

Play free NDS games with R4 3DS 

Their are many R4 3DS flashcarts in the market. For R4 3DS, we use it to play free NDS games. As we all know, we can play 3DS and NDS games on Nintendo 3DS, then which R4 3DS to choose for play free NDS games ?

Here I just list the advantage and disadvantage of these r4 cards. R4 cards include the R4 Gold, R4i SDHC, DSTWO, acecard 2i….. They are both wonderful flashcart for Nintendo 3DS,2DS,DSI.DS consoles. From 2009, the R4 has developed for 6 years. So they have almost the same functions. 

Functions: The R4 card can supports playing DS games. You can’t use it to play 3DS games. The most appropriate Flash Card for hacking the 3DS regardless if that would be the r4i sdhc 3ds RTS, R4i Gold, the SuperCard DSTWO, aside from allowing you to play the 3DS ROMs – copies that are said to be backup copies of the games for the Nintendo 3DS will also have to be equipped with backward compatible cartridge with those of the NDS, the XL, as well as for the DS Lite and the DSi. Through this blank 3DS cartridge, it will now be possible for players to play downloaded games, run any homebrewed applications, and even play any media file straight from the game card’s Slot-1 on the Nintendo 3DS.

The R4 3DS flashcarts has totally hacked the 3DS system and run the built-in kernel of R4. So you can run any apps on the kernel. This technology is used by all the r4 3ds flashcarts.  Built-in kernel run any apps you want. So it’s not any hert to the 3DS system and hacked the via the flashcart. So it support region free, Multi-roms and more. The Price:Now the r4 cards are very very cheap about $18 for 5500+ free DS games is very worth. I thinks this is the essential product for Nintendo 3DS/2DS/DSi users.

Play free 3DS games with Sky3DS+

Sky3DS+ is a new 3ds game flashcart and only for 3DS games. The SKY3DS use a very special technology. The Game-ID or Key. You know every retail-game card have a Game-ID and the Nintendo 3DS will chec  to identify if it’s a legal card. If the flashcarts got the Game-ID or know the Game-ID (title) roms ? What’s will happen ? That’s the SKY3DS technology. So no built-in systems, not hacking in fact, it’s just cheat the Nintendo 3DS system.

Advantage: SKY3DS+ can works on any 3DS firmware. From 1.x to 11.x include the 11.3.0-36. The game card can works as a legal retail game card and have all the same functions. Online upgrade, online play…… SKY3DS now support unlimited 3DS games and region free with 3DS CFW.

How to use Sky3DS+ ?

1.First of all, Check your sky3DS+ frimware version(see here), and update it to the newest firmware version if possible, then format your microSD card to FAT32, set the cluster size to 64kb. 

2.Download your games from those reliable sources, make sure they are not the modified roms and out of region, copythem into your microSD card, enjoy your game! You can switch games by pressing the orange button back and forth, or jump to a certain game by pressing the button quickly for several times.

3.Just enjoy your games.

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