Various pricing options available for the best archiving software

There are some pricing options for you and this includes both the perpetual and subscription licenses, they are:

  • Free license:

The free license that you get with the Archive Manager is pre installed. This will include unlimited processing and will support about 5 jobs. But the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that there is a limit for the number of files and it is one hundred files for single time. This is the free version of this software and you can use it anytime and anywhere.

  • Subscription licenses:

Under the subscription licenses you will be provided about 2 TB processing in a single year. There is no limit here for the number of jobs that can be processed and this is provided just at the rate of $800 for one year. The subscription pricing also depends on the quantity of data that you want to move into the archive in one whole year. It is measured in terabytes.

  • Perpetual licenses:

This type of pricing is the type where you will have to buy the subscription only once and then you can use the software forever. There is no limitation to the quantity if data processed. This is a huge advantage of perpetual licenses. There are some types of perpetual licenses and they are- express licenses, standard and datacenter. In express type only one job is supported but in standard the support is provided for 5 jobs and the datacenter is made to support endless number of jobs. This type of service will be activated for one year and then thereafter you will have to renew this license.

You can fill up the pricing request form on the website-

There are also various discounts available for you if you want to select more than one type of licenses because we provide various discount offers for this kind of pricing.

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