“Tropicana” party took place in “Shangri La” casino in Minsk

A season of bright summer parties takes place in Shangri La casino in Minsk. On June 24, 2017, an exotic Tropicana party was held in the very center of Minsk in the best casino of Belarus. Decoration and entertainment in the tropical style became the highlights of the night.

Darren Keane as company’s management representative told about the concept of the event. A real tropics atmosphere was organized in the center of Minsk. There were the delicious tropical and exotic food menu plus a hot show with passionate tropic dances organized during that evening.

Especially for the party, Darren Keane, Storm International CEO announced special lotteries, thanks to which each guest could count on 100,000 pleasures.

The “Tropicana” party is part of the “Sultry Saturdays” program, which will last in Shangri La Minsk until the end of the summer. Every Saturday, guests can count on a unique surprise relaxation in the summer style.

Shangri La brand casinos, brightening the capital cities of Georgia, Armenia and Byelorussia are the Group’s current flagships. Storm Casino now operates a chain of slot halls in Germany with long-term plans to continue opening new locations, with the aim of becoming one of the major operators in the country.

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