Top Five Recent Upcoming Technologies

A representative list of top five recent upcoming technologies will differ from person to person. However, Guy Galboiz Mena Entrepreneur has chosen the following five that would change the perspective.

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  1. Nanosensors and the Internet of Nano things

In another five years, or so over 30 million Internet of Things (IoT) is connected. A new nomenclature called Internet of Nano things is also emerging. In that context, Nano sensors do play a significant role in medicine, architecture, agriculture and drug manufacture.

  1. Next Generation Batteries

The new cells in the field of renewable energy from the conventional Nickel Cadmium are emerging as the top upcoming.  The results in energy storage using sodium, aluminum, and zinc-based batteries makes mini-grids feasible that can provide clean, reliable, round the clock energy sources to entire villages is on.

  1. The Blockchain

Guy Galboiz Mena Entrepreneur predicts new online electronic currency in tune with the erstwhile Bitcoin is on the anvil. The Blockchain’s potential will fundamentally change the way markets and governments work.

  1. 2D Materials

Graphene is proved to be the next best material human being would be experimenting with. This is particularly the case with AI (Artificial Intelligence). This single atom layered material such 2D materials will find in a wide range of applications from air and water filters to wearables and batteries.

  1. Autonomous Vehicles

An unmanned vehicle including self-driving cars is going to revolutionize the transport sector in a big way. This included the drones. The self-driving cars are becoming a reality as Google and Uber have already put them on the road. This would make the quality of life better with added security and safety features. The deployment of the major technology forerunners along the way to full autonomy is going to be a reality.

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