Top 5 variety of silk sarees that you can purchase

Sari is one of the most traditional as well as beautiful outfits that is widely worn by almost every woman in India. Not only in India but foreigners are also very fond of this costume as it always enhances the beauty of women and makes them look elegant as well as gorgeous.  This costume is known as the most elegant costume because it suits on almost every woman regardless of their body type, personality as well as skin complexion. You can purchase the silk sarees online where you get a wide variety of sarees at reasonable rates.

This costume is also very flexible because it can be worn on almost every occasion such as formal, wedding, social gathering etc. so; all you need to do is to choose right kind of sari for an event.  When it comes to sarees, there are varieties of sarees that you can buy in terms of materials, designs, texture etc.

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Which material to choose?

  • Kanchi silk is considered as very sort material of silk that provides very cultured and traditional look. This silk material can be worn on any occasion and by the women of any age group. This saree is only made in Kanchipuram located in Tamil Nadu and it is highly popular for its quality thread along weaving.
  • This silk saree is also famous for its beautiful and adorable look and finish. This saree is famous for wearing in wedding functions as well as on other high level functions.
  • Pochampally silk is also very famous because of its special style and design such as temple borders which are woven with fine quality of threads. Design is the unique part of this saree because it is woven not printed.
  • Sambhalpuri pure silk one is also a good choice. This saree comes in bright colors that provides a

great bright look. Best thing about this saree is that its color never gets fade and can be worn by any woman.

  • Mysore silk sari is very good option to buy as it is also handmade saree. 0.65{041767c86ab7c46b299c522a400abe3f92bbab451c39b4e00a10fd1157431bf2} pure gold is used to give an elegant design to the saree.

Types of footwear

You also need to match good women footwear with your silk saree to complete your look. There are many different types of footwear available that you can match such as:

  • Stiletto heels – this footwear looks very versatile and can go with any kind of dress.
  • Kolhapuri heel – this footwear is flat footed that provides very good ethnic and traditional look and looks very elegant with silk sari.
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