Time to work on your style and make it stand out

When you drool at the look of the mannequins in stores, wondering whether you will look the same or not as you put them on is the biggest misconception you have. We want you to stand out with your style no offence to the beautifully put mannequins. It is time to stop following trends by simply seeing them on social media. Now is the time to show the world your own style. So, let us help you explore your hidden self.

What is it about style?

Style should be a perfect blend of vintage, rock, floral, femininity and edginess. Bring back the ’80s and wear sequins, pleats and shoulder pads with style and sass. You can even wear dresses with laces and match it with jewellery that you never would wear with it.  Although fashion is a million-dollar industry, but your ways of dressing up has got nothing to do with it. It depends on your creativity, uniqueness and level of comfort. It is time to break the shackles that the stores and outlets throw at you and develop one that is truly yours.

Whatever catches your eye.

Is there a colour that makes your heart flutter? Is there a material that you feel the most comfortable in? Then, blindly choose that. Whenever you shop, pick something that stands out for you. Think about the clothes that you wear almost all the time and try different varieties of that.

If it feels good, then it looks good.

You know that little black dress that flaunts your curves in the most appealing way or that pair of boyfriend jeans which makes your hardest days bearable? Those are the clothes that you need in your life because they won’t fail. When you are out of ideas of what to wear trust these outfits. Simply accessorise them differently. These pieces can be anything from graphics round neck t-shirts, vintage clothes, dresses, a pair of sneakers or maybe a pantsuit.

Everything isn’t for everyone.

Yes, you might like how models look in those skin-tight jeans or loathe the way your co-worker walks in those six inches stilettos, but you need to remember that if you have tried something and you weren’t comfortable in it, there is no point in wearing them. When you wear clothes, or dress up in a way that feels different than being yourself. Quit it as soon as you can. It is way better to be in an oversized t-shirt, shorts and sneakers than create havoc in outfits that aren’t meant for you. Find your style in couponhub.ca and let the promos, deals and offers take a toll on you and sweep you off your feet.

Leave your signature behind.

We all know stars who are famous for the styles they project. It can be a colour, style, look or the different way you dress up. We want people or the world to associate you with a particular colour or style, that’s all. It should be yours. It can be as simple as a nail or lip colour. The endline being it should define you.

Following trends shouldn’t be your trend.

That is the thing about trends they are always changing which makes it impossible for us to keep up with them. Rather than chasing trends incorporate bits and parts of them in your style that you genuinely like. Don’t like a particular trend? Who cares? Just let it go. Trust us before you know it, they will be back in trend again.

Which body part are you proud of?

We all have that one feature which we are incredibly proud of. There lies your cue. Hold on to that feature and flaunt it in the most beautiful way possible. It can be your legs, bust, waist, collar bones or arms.

Which style can you lean towards?

You don’t have to wear the same accessories every day. Your style can change by merely changing the accessories that you wear with it. It can be a scarf, a different pair of shoes, jewellery or handbag. To change your style these items can be outstanding.

If you are crazy about a star or celeb, you will see how they tend to stand unique in their clothes and accessories. Your wardrobe can be full of things that please your soul and eyes. All you have to do is follow the trend that you have set for yourself.

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