Things That Hiring Managers Aren’t Too Keen About On the Resume

Some people come up to me and ask about the areas of their resumes that they should focus a great deal of energy and effort on. I usually reply to this by telling them that every syllable on your resume is important. This is true because after your resume passes the initial brush screening, it will go through a thorough scrutiny to evaluate if you are best fit for whatever position you are applying for. Though, if you have the proper creative word resume templates to guide you, then there’s very little effort that will be required from you as you are simply filling in the fact. But, because of public demand, let us take a look at some of the areas that the hiring managers do not pay any attention to when scanning through the resume to weed out the poor prospects.

  • Education

It does not matter whether you studied at MIT, Oxford, Harvard and Yale. At least not to the hiring manager. They are more interested in what you did after you left these ivy league schools. There are people who went to community colleges and are changing the world, and other that left Oxford and Harvard just to struggle in their careers. This is why the recruiters pay more attention to your job history and achievements rather than your education.

professional resume template word

  • Color and Formatting

Some people take so much time designing their resumes that they forget to include the content that is being sought after. There is no need to take three hours to pick up fancy colors that make it look like your resume was written atop a rainbow when the information within is garbage and doesn’t meet the specifications of the recruiter. This is why you need some professional resume templates. These come with everything that you need in terms of styling and color coordination while at the same time looking professional. It serves no use to have a perfectly written and colored resume when the content within is misspelled and does not reflect any professionalism.

  • Personal details

Nobody is interested in the number of pets that you have, how beautiful your wife is or how many children you have. A simple ‘married’ will do. There are details about you then do not need to make it to the resume. There are people that think their resumes are biographies, so they take up pages and pages explaining their person lives to the person reading them. The result is a resume that has very few pages of career achievements and history and juts a lot of senseless information about them and their families. These are the stories that you should not put on the resume. It is also good to ensure that if you include any photographs, they are professionally acceptable and passport sized unless requested otherwise in the job advertisement.

This is a good example of an executive resume template word. A good resume template makes it easier for you to deliver a high-impact resume that will ensure you get your dream job in no time at all. Take a look at some of our most creative resume templates. These are the only thigs that you will need to successfully lock down that interview that you are in pursuit of.

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