The need of the hour- Pass sign for Pedestrian Safety

Vehicles at cruising speed flying on the rods, and the drivers glued to their mobile phone. And the pedestrians gain glued on to their mobiles, trying to cross the road. The script is ready for a fatal accident. It can be joggers or bicycle riders as well. The zebra crossing has no meaning to the drivers or people crossing it.


Unless a focussed initiative is taken to alert the pedestrians about the arrival of the cars and the people are aware of the dangers of mobile in distracting their attention, the accidents are bound to happen.

But thanks to the innovative CAR COMING Sign at the pedestrian crossing or parking facilities the things look bright for a solution. For more information on the Car Coming sign, please log on to


The sign is placed at the parking garage exits to warn pedestrians of cars coming out of the facility. Also at the intercessions, these are prewired and can be installed in a jiffy. This is a fully enclosed system with a backup power (12 V DC) in the case of primary power failure.

Even alert timers can be pre-programmed to suit individual locations. These are filled with voice alert with voice control, external speakers, etc., giving an audio visual effect to warn the concerned. The additional featured this unique system manufactured by Pass signs, AZ, has already curtailed the accident rate significantly.

Traffic Sign for Alley

A variety of applications can be met by Pass signs like- Car Coming Sign, Parking Ramp Warning Sign, Driveway Alert Sign, Alert Bollard and Bus Exit Alert Sign,. The system is simple – a detection trigger sends a signal to the pass signs controller located inside the Alert Sign.

With a bit of caution and a Pass signs, many more lives would be saved and many injuries avoided.



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