The Best Indian Restaurants In San Diego

The Royal is a multiple award winner endorsed by connoisseurs from across the globe. One such is the prestigious “gold medallion” award repeatedly.  We are voted as the best Indian food restaurant in San Diego 2016. brings you the best of Indian taste to make you addicted. You are bound to come again to us and with your friends and folks. We can boast to be the catering specialist. No wonder we are repeatedly rated among the top 5 Indian restaurants in the USA.

We have the best chefs to cater to your needs. They will take you to new heights of culinary skill, royally.

Owned by Kambo brothers- Sandeep Singh Kamboand  Jagdeep Singh Kambo- understand what you are looking for.

The authentic Indian cuisine is what we offer in our restaurants having the best ambiance.

Right from the starter to the deserts are carefully planned and executed. You can have a great take o0ut as well. The ingredients handpicked by us from India and other parts of the word make all the difference. Then comes the preparation, skill, and timings. The cooking media too is important.

We combine our experience and cooking talents to provide tranquil ambiance, multi-award winner authentic Indian food. We put our expertise to take you another world of the feast. Whether you are dining all alone or a group, we have the right combination to make you say Wow.

Royal India is the best Indian restaurant in San Diego specializes in finest dining cut out for you – just royally.  We bring the offer of taste that you just cannot refuse.

We would like to pamper with the most authentic Indian food that the Royals did enjoy in the by gone area. We would not allow even an iota of that majestic life to be lost.

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