The best and reliable cloud storage providers

The cloud providers are a dozen a penny if you want to borrow an old saying. But choosing a cloud provider with integrity, cost effectiveness, reliability, service, and dedication is not all that easy.

We Stratus are endeavouring to come out with a sort of comparison so that you can make a reasonable judgment. It is a good idea for you to do some homework as the crowded cloud market is having new entrants every other day. They can be established ones or just a start-up claiming about cutting edge technology

To narrow down may be the ease of use, costs, security, online backup capabilities, and file sharing capabilities are major ones.

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We found SugarSync as an easy to use Cloud system with streamlined sync, access, edit, and share facilities. You can access and store all of the content on your computer or mobile device instantly Sync may look like a Dropbox clone, but it can  create an ultra-secure cloud storage service that allowed you to store and share files without sharing your data with 3rd party service providers

pCloud may be reliable and at the same time cheaper cloud service provider. pCloud provides a clean and straightforward platform that gives you everything you need to backup and share your files and nothing you don’t, all at an affordable price.

Backblaze is a cloud storage company focused on online backups simple and reliable. It is possible to customize as well

Google Drive is the right option in case you need different volume at any pint of time.  You should have a Gmail account.

You can choose the cloud storage providers based on these guidelines, as well as pros and cons you could lay hands on


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