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The companies like CloudFlare has made handling websites very easy. Anyone with minimum technical skills can take their business to success. The rising popularity of Cloud Flare has driven a lot of problems for the people using it. The company is not able to manage a large number of customers looking for the support. The costumer’s complaints that their genuine traffic is also blocked by the CloudFlare security when you don’t have an Enterprise plan. Due to these reasons people have started looking for CloudFlare alternative and don’t worry there are several alternatives for ClouFlare in the market.

The best three alternatives for ClouFlare are Incapsula, Sucuri and StackPath.

Incapsula was founded in 2009 and is focused on cloud-based application delivery platform. Impervia operated Incapsula. The company has its global content delivery networks to provide services to its customers. The company provides the best Web Application Firewalls to provide protection to its customers.

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The company has its network points present closed to ISPs. With 30 POPs and 3Tbps helps to handle the large volume of data.

There are several plans to choose from. From free to business plan choose anything that suits best for your business.

It provides awesome features like bot mitigation, web application, two-factor authentication and a lot more.

The next on the list Is Sucuri. This company offer their services at the best affordable rate in the market starting from $10 per month only which is excellent for small business which requires very basic protection. The company provide the best security system for your website and helps to accelerate your business. They provide internally; monitoring, who is monitoring, DNS monitoring, Malware removal and a lot more.

Now moving to StackPatch which is the largest company to web security.The CEO Lance Crosby founded the company and it provides MAXCDN, Fireblade, Staminus, Cloak, VPN security or Apple’s iOS and Mac Application. With more than 30,000 users the company has become international. StackPath provides the top content delivery network security.

StackPath provides services like DDoS Mitigation, Web Application Firewall, Full Site Acceleration, EdgeRules, Origin Shield, Real-Time, Analytics, SSL and a lot more.  Their customer support system has also satisfied many around the globe.


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