The basic functions of a spy app like TTSPY

As we know, Android and iOS systerms are the most popular operating systems for mobile phones on the planet. There are many apps for these two systems such as the best spy apps. Spy apps have a great number of features, so it can do many jobs relating to monitoring. Many people are worried about the use of spyware they choose. Do you want to ask if there is a problem such as maybe your wife knows?  This is the most common question when people prepare to use a spy app. The use of the TTSPY spy app for Android and iOS is notable for the efficiency of spyware. Easy to use and does not interfere with the target phone or its functions. Following are some main functions of the TTSPY spy app:

Tracking location

Use the GPS tracker of your device to know exactly where your target users are. Make sure your wife, child or employee is genuine in what they say.

Message monitoring

TTSPY spy app can send the messages to the target phone to discover what is happening in the text communication of the target user. With this software, you can also track all multimedia files exchanged between phones, even if messages and multimedia files are deleted immediately.

Spy History Call

Thanks to this software, outgoing and incoming text messages are no longer a mystery. Simply access the call information from your computer or your mobile phone to see the number, duration and time stamp of the call. You can know who the target people call.

Monitor online activity

Do you want to know what websites your wife visits most frequently or what are your child’s favorite sites? Now you can find out the answers with TTSPY spy app. It shows a list of all the web pages the target use has visited from the device, the bookmarked addresses and all the information you sent and received online.

Today the spy apps such as the TTSPY spy app should be easy to use without technical skills. To be honest, if you can’t understand it after reading its instructions, it’s not worth the money. Make sure you have understood how to install the spy app on the target phone. If you don’t know how to install it, it makes no sense. If you have any problem relating to the installation, you can read installation instructions or require online help and technical support.

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