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It is often said that Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform. But, the reality is that only the Magento Community version is an open-source platform while its Enterprise Edition isn’t free at all. Having said that, we mean, after its launch in March 2008, Magento has undergone many upgrades and the Magento Community Version is available to all for free. On the flip side, the Magento Enterprise version is owned by eBay Inc that has a lot more added features bespoke to the need of the e-commerce ventures. Simply put, Magento development for your business can actually play the role of a big differentiator to your business.

Why Magento development?

Well, experts opine that among the e-commerce development platforms across the globe, Magento stands as a unique choice for the e-commerce industry on many parameters such as the following.

  • Powerful platform: It is written in PHP and it has been developed using Zend Framework. Therefore, it is the most suitable platform for the e-commerce ventures. You should know here that Magento uses MySQL or MariaDB for the relational data management system. As a matter of fact, Magento is a secured platform as well with a high speed and accuracy befitting the needs of the visitors online. However, it is important to mention here that research around the world has revealed that unless your site uploads in a second and becomes fully operational, it’s surely going to lose traffic.
  • Indexing that hooks the visitors: Re-indexing of catalogues are much faster here than anyone else. It is said that the actual speed of re-indexing is close to 80{041767c86ab7c46b299c522a400abe3f92bbab451c39b4e00a10fd1157431bf2} and thus, visitors find e-commerce portals having Magento very convenient and useful bespoke to their unique needs. After all, a good indexing is extremely important to hook the customers and prospects to your site with a view to setting the ball rolling in favour of your business. The thumb rule here is that the more time the visitors spend on your page, your opportunity to sell potentially increases.
  • Zero development cost: Having said this, we mean, developing your e-commerce site with the Magento development service is zero. You have the liberty to use open-source Magento Community version. This suits the stature of a small business entity that actually saves a sizeable amount of money. On the flip side, a Magento platform is a well organised one that gives a competing edge to your business sure.
  • Zero maintenance: This is yet another surprise for you especially when you are working on a small budget and scale. The company provides maintenance support to your site and hence, helps you save a sizeable amount of money every year. This, in other words, contributes to your bottom line.

Similarly, there are many to explore here when you take the Magento development services to your side. In fact, experts are of the view that e-commerce sites having revenue more than one million a year can truly benefit here with its state-of-the-art functionalities such as increasing the traffic to your site and the conversion rate there.

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