Synchronize iCloud Calendar with Android


It was never possible to sync data between iCloud and Android mostly because both belonged to two different platforms. But now, it has been made possible by the help of SyncMate. Although Apple has no pre installed tools for syncing any data of Apple Devices with Android devices, you can use the SyncMate app to sync your data. SyncMate directly syncs the data in your iCloud with Android devices and there is no third party involved in this, not even Google. Read further to know more about SyncMate an app that can synchronize iCloud calendar with Android.

How does SyncMate work?

SyncMate is a sync application that can be used to sync data present in your Mac with numerous other devices and several online accounts and servers. It also supports the syncing of data with Android devices. The SyncMate app can be used to synchronize iCloud calendar with Android. You can use this app to sync almost everything on your Mac, like contacts, calendars, messages etc. with Android devices. It is free of cost. You can also use this app to sync media files and folders you must upgrade to the premium subscription. You can know more about how SyncMate works in this part of the article.

  1. First, enable the auto-sync between your Mac and your iCloud account. This will allow all the data present in your iCloud account to be synced with your Mac. You can now sync all things like the calendars, contacts, messages etc. from your Mac to any Android device.
  2. Next, download and install the SyncMate application on your Mac computer. Open the main window of the SyncMate app by launching it from your desktop.
  3. Using your mouse pointer, select the “Add New” option in the left side pane of the main screen of Syncmate. From the list of different platforms of devices, select Android Device and connect the Android device to your Mac.
  4. Check the plugins list by pressing the “+” button in the top panel of the main screen. Select the calendar you want to sync and select the other sync parameters.
  5. Now, click on Sync to start the syncing between your iCloud account and your Android device.
  6. You can use this procedure to sync the data safely. However, for any errors, you can contact Apple support.


Besides android devices, you can also sync your iCloud data with other devices using SyncMate.You can find out the list of supported devices on the main screen of the application. Syncmate is compatible with all android versions above 4.X and iOS versions above 5.X. Nevertheless, you must have OS X 10.8.5 installed on your Mac for SyncMate to work properly.

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