Six Most Important Social Media Trends

Social media was basically a social experiment intended to bring people together seamlessly over a large network that would allow them interact freely. The key to effective social media marketing, therefore, is understanding and engaging people by crafting different messages targeted to them in the most appropriate way. Trends have emerged and continue to emerge based on previous occurrences and environments surrounding these social media marketing strategies. The most important are:


Following previous occurrences of trust-related issues by social media users relating to personal information running through the sites, rebuilding and keeping the trust of the followers is a key priority. As a social site, developers and social media marketers are targeting at a personal level with the user rather than on a business level. This is to rebuild the lost trust and more importantly to reassure users of the truthfulness in marketing posts and interactions.

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Authentic Storytelling and Moments of Truth

Developers of this media platform are switching to a conversational-based form of interaction, which is helpful when marketing products. Reputable marketers like help in giving authentic stories and real-time events. This identifies more with the user and keeps them interested and participating since it affects them directly.

New Networks

Social networks like LinkedIn are rising and even surpassing popular sites like Facebook due to the previous tainted image. Marketers and influencers use this opportunity to push a narrative through these other platform and grow it exponentially. Video broadcast through LinkedIn, for example, has never disappointed because videos bring a real-time and evidential aspect of a message.

Private Groups and Accounts

The need for privacy and security has necessitated the creation of blocks and individual cocoons in the name of private accounts for the sole purpose of privacy and targeted audiences. This interestingly brings quick responses and message authenticity due to the end-to-end interaction. In this case, the receiver already knows the sender and the intended purpose. In a business model, it would be what we refer to as B2B (business to business).

Use of Employees as Influencers

Marketers and social media content creators are reaching more audiences through employees who post and run accounts than through personal direct contacts. Employees identify more with a targeted audience and become trusted influencers to that intended market. The key is to rebuild, earn, and eventually keep the trust of your followers throughout the interactions.


By posting stories that identify and put community and socialization back into social media, it propels the original intended purpose of social media. The user needs to be reminded of the ease and openness in using social media through authentic stories that are posted and published almost everywhere.


Understanding the audience and creating content that engages them is and will be the tendency of all new trends we see. All content creators, marketers, and business individuals should thus keep a close eye to these trends to enjoy all of the benefits. However, trends are expected to change with time, which is more reason to keep your eyes open.

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