Shangri la – best place to put your money

As the technology develops it leaves no field untouched and casino in not an exception. Nowadays, because of technology people turn more towards online casino than the land based one. This is because online casino gaming is very easy to do and moreover you can play the game from anywhere. In order to get the best online casino experience you should go and play game at Shangri la that provides the best user experience and variety of casino games to play.

Games you can play in Shangri la

In order to provide a real time experience to user Shangri la also provide live dealer online casino in which you can deal with the dealer face to face and bet your money. Shangri la not only provides casino games to play but you can also bet your money on sports events as well such as UEFA champions league (football), world cup (cricket), tennis games and more. However, casino games that you can play in Shangri la are –

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Baccarat – this provides three options to the player such as tie, banker or player. When all players put their bet then dealer draws 2 hands one is for banker and second is for player. Hand that draws are added and if hands total goes up to 10 then 10 is dropped and hand i.e. equal to ten declared baccarat.

Roulette – in this game player places his bet on the number between 0-36. If player wants to add additional bet, they can even do that such as red-black, odd-even, high 18 or low 18 and more. After placing the bet, dealer spins the wheel in clockwise direction and rolls the ball in anti clockwise direction and wherever the ball stops that number or color wins.

Slots – slots are one of the most popular online casino games that are very easy to play. In this game, you only need to pull the handle and wait for the screen to stop on similar 3 patterns. If it stops in similar pattern that means you have hit a jackpot.


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