Reasonable Accommodation

For the GWC Valve International company, it is important that they be very specific with their job description in order for them to be able to reasonably accommodate anyone that they need to. Reasonable accommodation is important for any organization to do in order for them to avoid lawsuits from their applicants who fit the job description requirements. Reasonable accommodation is when a company adjusts any employment practices and policies in order to not deny any benefits to certain employees, who have a disadvantaged in employment, or prevented from carrying out the essential components of a job because of grounds prohibited in human rights legislation.

When it comes to accommodating employees, this can mean to adjust their schedule based on a holiday or religious beliefs an employee has. Accommodation is also adjusting the workplace design to enable an individual with a specific disability to perform a particular task. An example of this would be in a restaurant, a waitress can be in a wheelchair but the tables would just have to be lowered a little bit and ramps would need to be set up for them so that they can get around easily. Any employer in a small or large organization is expected to accommodate an employee to the point of under hardship, which means the financial cost of accommodation or health, and safety risks to the individual concerned or other employees would make accommodation possible.

There are numerous claims that occur which are all around gender including pregnancy, discrimination claims, race and ethnicity and harassment. There is something called curt to accommodate disabilities and these are responsibility that the person with a disability has and an employer or union has. As a person with a disability you should inform them what disability you have and be there to give ideas of how they can accommodate you in the workplace. Whereas an employer or union, you should accept requests for accommodation and cover costs for the accommodation of the employee.

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