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We love our trade – phone repair. We love to see you gleaming with joy to see your favourite phone back in action. We love that picture perfect situation.

Our scope is sufficiently broad, right from phone repair of all brands of phones including iPhones. We can unlock any of your phones with ease. But you are ready for as surprise – our cost of repair is quite competitive.

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We understand how important the phones are a ton you and how indispensable it is to you. Even you feel uncomfortable if the unit is not with you. So we make it a point to give you express repair service, at the most you may have to put up with us until end of the day, that is all.

We have all necessary spares to assure the same day service at the lowest price. May be the iPhone screen is broken, we can do it for you. May be within the same hour you can get the set. We have a good team of dedicated engineers and technicians who can handle your expensive phones with care. And none of the data, pictures, videos, contacts will be erased. May be you can even gat an additional unit when your phone is being repaired by us.

And what more you need as we offer a solid 90 days warranty to our services. We replace only with genuine spares.

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We cover most of the brands: Apple, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Tab, Galaxy, HTC, Asus, Nokia, Sony, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Tesco Hudle, Asus, HP, Kindle Fire, Ace, Huawei and more.

We can even do the phone service in-situ.

If you have a battery problem, we are here to help you.

Please get in touch with us Phone: 0746 444 0389 Email: hallo@ifixnorwich.com.


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