Music downloading site and app- setbeat

Setbeat is a website which allows you to download and listen to music. Setbeat is also an application for mobile phones for downloading and listening to music online as well as offline. This app is available for iOS plus android and many other types of devices.

All of us like to listen to music. We have many hobbies like dancing, writing, reading, etc and many people have the hobby of listening to music. Music makes us feel relaxed. We want to listen to music anytime we get upset or sad or lonely and even when we are happy. We hear different types of music when we are in different moods. Listening to music makes us feel like nothing else can. So here is an app which will allow you to download your favorite music as well as listen to it online or offline. Setbeat is a popular app and also a website from which you can download and listen to your favorite music.

Features of the setbeat app:

  • You can listen to the music anytime you want, free of cost
  • You can download music that you like
  • You can also listen to the music when you are offline
  • If you are a fan of any artist, you can follow them so that you are notified about every new track that  they release
  • If you are a good singer, there is an option of uploading your own music through this app
  • The different devices with which this app is compatible are- iOS, android, linux, Windows and Mac
  • This app can be downloaded on iOS devices without jailbreak

These are the most unique features which makes this app different from others. There are many other apps for music downloading but you will have to pay to download any particular track but setbeat allows you to download and listen to music without asking you to pay.

The setbeat website is also for downloading music tracks but this website is not available in English language.  The website is available only in Spanish. But the app is available in English as well as many other languages.

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Even though there are many other websites for downloading and listening music, setbeat has got its own special features and that’s why it beats all other apps. This is one of the most wonderful apps for music lovers. So install it and enjoy your favorite music without paying any charges.

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