Most Effective SEO Tools And Workflows In Marketing Campaigns

Every SEO specialist knows that knowledge won’t be singlehandedly enough to provide successful SEO campaigns for small businesses. And that’s where SEO tools enter the picture.

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools are software or applications that can be used to provide more effective SEO service. Some of the best examples of these tools are Google’s Adwords and Analytics. Basic Google SEO tools, just like all other search engine’s (i.e. Internet Explorer, Bing and Mozilla), are free but top ranked SEO services and tools are usually available for fee. International SEO services by Result Driven SEO use these tools for effective marketing.

Google SEO tools have common denominators- they are available in free and premium packages. Basic apps usually offer nothing out of the box, just like what a search engine optimization specialist needs. For a more thorough and efficient services, these tools or apps are also available in advanced packages. These tools offer more high-end search services thus ensuring better results.


PPC is branch of Internet Marketing that is nothing different than SEO, only it is paid. It works as a campaign that includes the most efficient keyword in the banner that comes first on the SERP. In the old internet days, PPC banners are placed at the right of the result page while all SEO results are placed on the left. Eventually, internet surfers give more priority to SEO results because they are free rather than the ones on the right which are paid. That is one of the reasons why PPC ads are now placed on top of the SERP, just before the SEO.

Who provides SEO expert services?

People who do search engine optimization are called SEO specialists or managers. These people use free or paid tools to extract keywords from the search engines and use them to make their sites search engine-friendly. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Mozilla, etc. will start noticing these sites and ranking them on SERPs. Specialists on this service may be employed by companies or work as freelancers, offering their services in exchange of an agreed result by the client. These days, these experts are among the top silent top earners in the industry.

Efficient SEO experts have workflows that they follow. Here is a sample:

  1. Create a campaign using a chosen SEO application or tool. Adwords like any other SEO tool allows users who are most likely SEO specialists or managers to create their own account and projects.
  2. Search not just any keyword but the most efficient keyword used on searches. In the old days, any keyword relevant to a search is enough. Not these days though where search engines are continuously upgrading their platforms.
  3. Develop SEO-friendly pages and site. For PPC, create a banner campaign. This is where on- and off-page SEO comes in. Page URL, title, and descriptions matter as well as the ads they have.
  4. Add analytic or tracking device on the site. This will track the visits and generate reports for the specialist.
  5. Continuously update the pages of the site until the desired result is acquired.

Effective SEO is never without the paid and free software or applications that search engines (SEs) provide the netizens. These tools can only be used appropriately by people who are learned and experts in internet marketing. If you want to be successful in your SEO campaign, you need to tap a highly experienced dental practice marketing strategy from Online Marketing For Doctors.

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