Montreal SEO Expert Challenges His Students

Montreal SEO Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu is challenging his students to give back to their community. The Carleton graduate and pioneer of the web search industry started teaching about 7 years ago. Shifting his focus from SEO and online reputation management to students, he tries to keep the classroom engaging and fun. In his career, the Montreal SEO Expert has come across cases of individuals who were careless about what they put on the Internet which is why they eventually needed his reverse SEO services…

In an era of information at our fingertips and digital attachment, Tumurcuoglu has made it his mission to educate teenagers about the impacts of posting content online. Not only is the content representative of you and is how you are branding yourself, it is there forever. He wants to make teens understand the reproductions by showing them real cases and making them understand how memory is going to increase.

The Montreal SEO Expert is engaging his John Abbott College classrooms by using social media and memory in a positive way! He has come up with a sales challenge to encourage student teams to sell tickets to a Montreal Canadians Habs game with all proceeds going back to students in need of financial assistance at their college. In addition to motivating them through social media and giving back, he will reward the team with the best SEO and social media strategies to get their message out there.

Tumurcuoglu is one of few individuals that has positively impacted individuals throughout his life. He continues to spread awareness about online reputation management to younger generations.

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