Liftoff: Mobile-App Marketing

Liftoff is a highest rated mobile app marketing platform which is re targeting the app marketing strategies in order to run true CPA- optimized installation of mobile-apps. The main focus of lift off is to optimize your mobile application and making mobile user accomplishment in easier way. With Liftoff you can analyze more engaged users. Apart from this you can also optimize your mobile app campaigns to drive installs. Also, you can build rich user profiles and take the profitable actions you care most about.

Lift-off is true CPA optimized mobile app marketing which provides you friendly users.

Services provided by Lift-off

  1. Analyze your engaged users:
    Through Liftoff you can analyze your most active users. They create more effective profiles utilizing gender, age, specifications, mobile behavior etc. so that you can run your campaigns more effectively.
  1. Prepare campaign:                                                                                            Liftoff always keep testing your creativity of Ads and keep it on the priority lift among the users.
  1. Real-Time access of the campaign:
    When you’re Ad will be live Lift off test empirically using their machine learning system the best performing ad for your campaign.
  1. Scale your installs:
    As you are spending more, Liftoff scales your installs and also take in care to maintain CPI within your target range. They deliver you daily installs by optimizing your installs through Cortex.
  1. Optimize your cost per action
  1. Pay only for actions not for installs like signing up, booking etc.


  • Build active users with app install campaign for post install.
  • Track your ad budget and which ad inventory is best to deliver on you for post install engagement.
  • Engage only those users who are actively participating on your app drive installs.
  • Integrates with only major ad networks.
  • App to web service to optimize conversions beyond the click.
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