Is the ‘Apple of China’ stealing Samsung’s limelight?

Humans are pretty choosy when it comes to buying or selecting stuff they like, and in today’s world which buzzes every day with the latest technology, people are well, a bit too choosy when it comes boils down to buying a new smartphone. While the classic Apple IOS still holds a special place in all our hearts, Samsung is no less behind when it comes to designing smartphones with cutting edge technology, superb camera settings, and its iconic brand value.

However, in the last few months, Samsung has seen quite a stoop down its profits and earnings, and quite unexpectedly, it is blaming the downfall to ‘cheaper’ smartphone brands. Well, almost true to its word, apart from the usual stars in the smartphone business, the world is witnessing a rise in lesser known smartphone brands, which surprisingly is giving the smartphone big boys a run for their money. Sounds surprising? Well, before you raise eyebrows, let’s boil down to the basics:

The ‘Apple’ of China

One of the newest smartphone players to have entered the competition is undoubtedly Xiaomi, a Chinese brand with its headquarters in Beijing. Since the release of its first smartphone during 2011, it has gained worldwide popularity, holding almost a whopping five percent in the smartphone manufacturing business, and gaining ranking 5 in the list of the highest smartphone makers. Till now, the brand has come to well known and has almost sold around seventy million units all over the world.

So what’s all the hype about a newbie amidst all the veterans in this highly competitive business? Let us begin with the first feature which attracts anyone’s attention: the looks of a smartphone. True to its nickname as the ‘Apple of China, Xiaomi has well, copied almost every feature of the Apple iPhone in its smartphone, beginning with its sleek, compact metallic body and high functioning specifications of Android. Through discreet cloning, Xiaomi has intelligently utilized Samsung’s strategy of shattering Apple’s popularity, by taking over Samsung’s positon.

Most importantly, Xiaomi smartphones pack a punch at the most affordable price, with the latest Android OS and sleek look, compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S5, with a pretty ordinary, almost plastic-like body for almost double the price range. Due to its efficient strategy of packing a handful within and extremely affordable price range, Xiaomi has astonishingly shaken the smartphone market, merely through smart social networking, news by mouth and its own smartphone website, with a wide collection smartphones, tablets, laptops, and tablets. Whereas Samsung, with its glorious twenty years of iconic brand value, official showrooms and huge advertising, is gaining stiff competition from this new Chinese rookie. Although Samsung have tried for various online offers using discount vouchers but still it could not beat Xiaomi.

Is this the end of Samsung?

Before jumping to quick conclusions, let us not forget that Samsung had and has always been one of the largest technological companies in the market, with over twenty years of marketing and manufacturing experience. Xiaomi is not just dealing with an experienced competitor, but with a pro here, with over a decade old brand value.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to manufacturing affordable yet efficient smartphones, Samsung’s market has been hit badly with upcoming underdogs like Xiaomi, who are catering to a much larger audience of the younger generation, with its extremely affordable, sleek designed and high functioning smartphones. Lesser priced Samsung smartphones are not that cheap, and that’s where Xiaomi is making an intelligent mark.

However, given the intelligent and experienced player, Samsung is, the company is slowing moving away from its earlier USP of manufacturing handy and affordable smartphones, to making high end, no doubt expensive smartphones with elegant design and over the top features like waterproof technologies and superior low light camera. On other words, Samsung is intelligently making the tables turn by letting smaller players like Xiaomi steal the show and directly targeting a competition with Apple’s iconic iPhone. Besides that, let’s not forget the fact that everyone trusts experience first and foremost, and that’s even now, a large chunk of smartphone-savvy individuals still chooses Samsung over anyone else as their best bet. The reason is Samsung’s iconic brand value in a world where a considerable percent of the population still hasn’t heard much of Chinese superstars like Xiaomi.

Besides that, Samsung is also expanding its business to more than just smartphones, and trying its luck in the world of fitness monitoring watches. So, before Xiaomi can fully claim itself as the sole destroyer of Samsung’s vast market, it still needs to hold it and expand its place for a significant five to six years or beyond, which is not easy task, keeping in mind, new smartphone manufacturing companies and technologies and being introduced almost every day. So will Xiaomi be successful in taking over Samsung? Only, time will tell, but there’s no denying the fact that Samsung is very well in trouble of facing stiff competition.

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