In 2017, The 3DS R4 Card Can Be Used On Nintendo DSI?

Which R4 card supports nintendodsi? The 3DS R4 card can work on dsi/dsixl consoles too? And how to use 2017 r4 card on old dsi? This post is all about the answers.

Which R4 card supports Nintendo dsi?

Both the old R4 and the new 3DS R4 card should work on our nintendodsi console. But I will recommend you buy the 3DS r4 card because it is the latest version R4 and it is still updating all the time. However, the old R4 flash cards such as the DS R4, R4isdhc DS and others are stopping update for years. Only a few R4 online resellers are keeping selling them with very low price.

3DS R4 can work on dsi/dsixl consoles?

Yes, the 3DS R4 card can work on dsi and dsixl and any old nds console too. 3DS r4 has backward compatibility, so it can support the old DS firmware consoles. Of course, r4 3DS is compatible with dsi v1.45 to all lower versions too. Here is a list for 3DS r4 supports the nintendodsi/dsixl consoles.

  • R4I SDHC 3DS RTS(from, the best-seller in may shopping sites)
  • R4I GOLD 3DS WOOD(from, with famous wood kernel)
  • R4ISDHC 2015(from, includes r4isdhc upgrade, r4i gold pro, r4isdhc silver, r4isdhc dual core and re4isdhc snoopy)
  • R4I GOLD EU 3DS(target for European market)
  • ACE3DS PLUS(the cheapest R4 3DS card but don’t support update)

How to use 2017 r4 card on old dsi with firmware v1.4.5?

Easy and Simple, just do as the following R4 3DS guide.

What You’ll Need

  • 1x Micro SD card
  • 1x SD card reader
  • 1x r4 3DS card
  • 1x dsi/dsi xl console


  1. Download the latest firmware for the R4 3DS. Attention that you must download the correct kernel for R4 3DS card. The best place is in the official site.
  2. Connect the Transflash/microSD card to your computer. Prepare a new sd/sdhccard, format it on a PC firstly.
  3. Open the firmware file, unzip it. Unpack the contents of this archive to the root directory of your microSD card.
  4. Download NDS games in .nds format, copay and paste them to to the root directory of your microSD card as well.
  5. Turn the DSI on. The R4 will take over your DSI. Click the icon appears on the screen. Then, the R4 3DS menu will load.
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