Impact of Automation on IT Sector

After industrial revolution in early 1800 automation has taken a huge boom, It has saved the precious time we could have used somewhere else thus increased the profit by increasing the productivity and further helped in the development of humanity. Most of the people now a days argue that automation has made a whole bunch of worker class go jobless. That can be true in one respect as it has eliminated jobs but on the other hand created new ones as the old jobs which required more physical work were replaced by the jobs which required more technical aspect of work. This increased the working environment and standard of living of people. So the question arises how does automation will affect IT sector which has nothing to do with production?

The main impact of automation will be on the low skilled jobs in the IT sector which doesn’t require much of an educational qualification and which follow particular set of rules and are repetitive in their process. One of the US based research firm predicted that around 6.4 lakh low skilled jobs will fall in the hand of automation which is about 30{041767c86ab7c46b299c522a400abe3f92bbab451c39b4e00a10fd1157431bf2} of total low skilled jobs in India. But on the other hand it also predicted that the medium-skilled jobs will have risen by 8{041767c86ab7c46b299c522a400abe3f92bbab451c39b4e00a10fd1157431bf2} and the high skilled jobs will have risen by 56{041767c86ab7c46b299c522a400abe3f92bbab451c39b4e00a10fd1157431bf2}. Does it tells us the true story? As around 2.1 Crore people are employed by the low skilled jobs which is a huge number. This means that automation will demand the best out of us.

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Some experts believe that the technological innovation will lead to new jobs in the upcoming future but it doesn’t seem to be a case right now as the automation will surely kill jobs, predicting the future from the present scenario will not give us the overall understanding of the situation. But let’s assume the case of Blockbuster an US provider of home movie and video game rental which has been replaced by Netflix and the people Netflix employees is much less than that of Blockbuster. Now jumping to the point of IT sector as more and more advancement In AI and Machine Learning is taking place the machines are able to analyse data and draw a conclusion over it. In Short Machines have started teaching themselves and as the industry advances they are becoming more and more intelligent and the accuracy of completing a certain task is going towards perfection.

As we give a particular task to a machine it determines which job needs actual professionals and which doesn’t then it assembles a team of freelancers and analyse their work. And by the analysis it has made the determination their work pattern and copied them, Further eliminating the freelancers. The humans are at a huge risk of losing their jobs in IT support sector in upcoming decade. The day might come when humans are completely eliminated by the machines but hoping that humans find a way through Computer Services and save the jobs.

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