How To Use Hashtags To Increase Followers In Instagram

Only your existing followers can see your posts if you do not put Hashtags with your posts. The problem is that Hashtags are the most misunderstood part of Instagram posts. So, let’s know about the use of Hashtags to increase your free Instagram followers:

Use a mix of Hashtags

To meet with audiences with a variety of tastes and make them engaged with your post, use mix of Hashtags.

  • Broad Appeal: The appeal to a larger group of people of Instagram. But they are not going to be your clients or followers most likely. The hashtag of #s has audiences of around 150k to 250k.
  • Niche Appeal: Also known as the sweet spot. They are the mixed class of audiences where some might show interest in your post, and some don’t. This hashtag has audiences of around 50k to 150k.
  • Specific Appeal: This hashtag though has a small number of people but has the potential to convert to your followers depending on your posts. This group has around 15k to 50k audiences.

You can use maximum up to 30 hashtags. Use them intelligently with a mix of the hashtag groups as mentioned above. The hashtag such as #love or #travel has the most number of people, maybe around 100M users, but your post will get lost in the crowd. So, you have to use your hashtags very carefully.

Follow others

Following others in Instagram might get some of them to follow you back. The hashtag will help you get into your niche, and then you can try to find people to follow you back. You have to identify the account that may follow you, but again now you got to determine that whether the account is good for you or your niche. Let’s determine:

  • The account has followers less than 5-10k: They are here to make followers base, and once they get more followers they are most likely not going to follow you back.
  • Are they consistent with their posts: Don’t bother if they haven’t posted anything for the past several days and they haven’t made any post in the whole of last month. Don’t follow them.
  • Follow who is reasonable to follow: The accounts with small follower base are most likely going to follow you back. You can also check the accounts with huge follower numbers, just make sure they are following back at least 25 to 50% of followers. For small follower based accounts, check whether they follow back 50 to 200% followers.

Engage with other’s followers

  • Check the comment sections to see if they are responding to the comments made to them.
  • If no response, it means they don’t engage with others and is unlikely to even engage with you.
  • If the account is consistently replying in the comments section, then it is that there is a high chance that this person will respond to you.

Poor contents

  • Do not follow one if you do not like their content
  • Bad photos posted, don’t follow them. You won’t like to mess up your feed

Knowing the Cheaters

If you find an account which has made around 40 posts for example, and they have 20k followers, definitely they are using bots. Better you ignore them.

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