Franking Machines for Small Business

Small and medium enterprises account for approximately half of the business revenues in the UK and less than 1{041767c86ab7c46b299c522a400abe3f92bbab451c39b4e00a10fd1157431bf2} of businesses are large corporations. The world of the SME is growing and as it increases so too should profits and efficiency.

There are several ways in which to monitor business related costs and across every task it is likely that a time and/or expenditure decrease can be found.

One of the key areas which many small businesses neglect is postage and how post is processed.

  • Stamps cost more than franked mail.
  • Stamps are easily damaged and wasted.
  • A franking machine may be an expense but it is a sound investment.
  • Pay the correct postage every time with internally weighed and franked mail. As a small business can you afford to cost your enterprise several pence every time you send a package or envelope through Royal Mail with stamps?
  • Franked mail can be a free form of advertising.
  • The franking machine UK market is unique. Customers can purchase or rent facilities.
  • The newest model franking machine prices are competitive and Royal Mail approved with smart technology built in.

Here is an example of a realistic saving for a small to medium business running a marketing campaign comprised of 500 X 2nd class large letters 101-250 grams:

Stamp costs: 500 X £1.20 = £600

Franking machine prices: 500 X 94p = £470

Saving via the franking machine = £130

With a smart technology franking machine prices decrease further thanks to Royal Mail’s Mailmark service:

Mailmark prices: 500 X 89p = £445.

Mailmark franked mail compared to stamps – Saving £155.

When you weigh the savings against rental costs of perhaps £14.99 per month this equates to “free rental” for around ten months, that’s a great saving.

Would you prefer to pay as you go or to receive bills for a rental franking machine? Purchasing a franking machine may cost more initially but it can prove less expensive long term. Franking machine prices tend to be £1000+.

Most suppliers have online accounting facilities. Franking machines for small businesses shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming to apply credit or source stock for.

Royal Mail has stated that all new franking machines must be smart technology enabled. This allows for VAT reclaim financial benefits.

The franking machines calculate the VAT reclaim amount for you via their reporting tools. This saves a small business money and time.

Franking machines UK products are programmable with users and cost centres and they are lockable.

If a cheeky employee had hoped to run a few Christmas cards through the machine, they won’t be able to unless authorised. With stamps, they could easily have commandeered the “free” postage.

The best course of action is to speak to a franking machines UK expert like IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston, they’ll be able to discuss the ideal franking machines for small businesses.

There are franking machines for every volume and cost bracket.

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