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Thriving in an internet rat race is no piece of pie. Although it is way more convenient compared to old-school business norms, there’s a lot that needs to be learned about. Merchandizing products or services in a global online platform is rightly a boon. It targets a much wider audience and makes a killing if well pitched and sold. However, the competition is bottle-neck. What really cuts grades here is knowing how to make your site standout and figure out the real website value. Sites with ranked well in search engines obviously worth higher than the mediocre ones.

Here’s quickly illustrating ways you could put to practice and reap fruitful outturns when planning to sell your website.

  1. Start with a layout that easy to follow and interacts with your customers. Always remember, there’s a dearth of time in the hustle and bustle of today. Keeping your customers glued to your site is all that matters. Go for a template that overly muddled and you literally sway off clients. Switch to a design that’s user-friendly and your audience is a happy audience.
  2. Once a website design has been fixed upon, focus on accessorizing it with relevant good quality contents. This play a massive role in scaling up your site worth. It keeps you clients glued but that’s not all! To be a favorite of search giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on so forth, you need to master the skill of improvising contents that are cutting-edge, well informative and very engaging. It steps up your game in white hat SEO practices, helping your site earn better recognition on a global online front.
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  4. Enhancing site value is also depends on the domain you’ve selected. There’s an array of domain names up for grabs. However, what’s really in vogue for the longest time ever and most clicked is dot com.
  5. Traffic is the first and last word in the biz. The entire module, from strategizing to reaping lucrative revenues revolves around the word ‘Traffic’. The website value of a portal is surely high when it sees a massive traffic every single day. If it’s hard to fathom with, traffic is nothing but the count of footfall in a virtual online store. More traffic means greater scopes of selling. This also imply greater popularity and ofcourse higher revenues.

Traffic beefs up monetization, adding to the website worth. However, a website reflecting good potential also bags in recognition in the market. To forge ahead and clinch a deal that’s profitable, you must be versed about the process to calculate website value. Think it’s quite a pickle to figure out? Don’t worry! Plenty of calculating tools and sites are right there at your aid. is a good one to keep a check on.

The site works using a unique algorithm to reckon the value of a website. It rolls out results only after analyzing factors like a website’s page ranking, Alexa ranking, unique page visitors, traffic count, use of meta-description, keywords and ofcourse the overall age of the site.

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