Easy Hacks to Improve Website Copywriting

Have you ever wondered how professional content producers spend all day immersed in website copywriting without running out of ways to say what needs to be said? It’s actually a fascinating thing when you stop to think about it. Copywriting is no different than any other job skill inasmuch as those who do it well have figured out ways to get the job done even where others would fail at the same task.

Anthony Carter, managing director at Connotations.co.uk, works with a team of writers to create high-quality content for customers around the world. He has graciously agreed to share a few easy hacks for improved website copywriting. Anyone who has to write regularly would do well to consider them.

Become an Incessant Reader

One of the hallmarks of a good copywriter is a willingness to read. In other words, website copywriting involves such a vast ocean of topics that it’s impossible for Carter’s writing team to be experts on every topic they cover. They have to glean information from other sources. There is no better way to do that than reading.

Good copywriters are voracious readers who consider reading part of their work. Even after the work day is officially over, they are reading up on the news, catching up on their favourite blogs, and investigating topics they know will be coming up at some point in the future.

Learn How to Search the web

Digital copywriting is now what it is because of the free flow of information across the internet. That free flow of information dictates that research can now be done right from the writer’s computer most of the time. There may still be a need to make phone calls or send e-mails from time to time, but most research is done using a web browser and any one of the major search engines. Knowing this, Carter says the best website copywriters know how to search the web. They know what kinds of keywords and phrases to use, how to spot links that are not worth their time, etc.

Create a Research Database

One of Carter’s writers has created a research database that he uses to keep track of important information and where he found it. How does this help? By reducing research times related to topics he writes about frequently. He can open his database, click on a few links and get all the information he needs. This saves time not having to start every research project from scratch.

Learn a Little Bit of SEO

Website copywriting is subject to standard SEO practices when it comes time to actually publish written content. Writers can make life easier on themselves by learning a little bit of SEO. For example, it is well known that Google’s search algorithm looks very favourable on content that includes its main keyword in the title, first paragraph and last paragraph. Placing keywords in these three positions just makes it easier for search algorithms to figure out what a piece of content is about.

From the writer’s standpoint, knowing this one little fact can make a difference in how pieces are written for SEO purposes. The copywriter doesn’t have to be an SEO expert, but his or her finished work would be improved by learning a few SEO basics.

Professional copywriters spend hour after hour producing content that customers will use for everything from marketing to social media engagement. Thank goodness they know all the tricks of the trade for producing quality content. Now you know some of them too, thanks to these easy hacks for improved website copy writing.

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