Do People Still Pay Their Tithes To Churches?

Religious sectors expect their members to pay tithes. A tithe is one-tenth of a person’s earnings. The backing for this method of giving comes from Malachi 3:7-12. The Bible demands that a person bring their tithes into the storehouse, so that there is plenty of meat to eat. However, it also says that anyone who doesn’t do so is guilty of robbing God almighty. It was a covenant made by God with Abraham, and his seed, in the Old Testament. In those days, some gave cash, but others gave their gifts from crops and such. In Biblical times, tithes were a requirement. Today, they are given on a voluntary basis.

What Is The Purpose of Today’s Tithing?

Money paid for tithes is used to pay the pastor’s salary. It can be a highly controversial subject for many people in the Christian communities. They believe that the Old-Testament clearly mandates the giving of tithes, however, the New Testament talks about “freewill offerings.” Offering and tithes have different meanings and uses. For instance, offerings are given from one’s heart as they feel led. This is above and beyond the tithe. The one-tenth of an earning, is given no matter what type of income it is. The offering is not mandatory. Since the tithes go to the preacher, the offering goes for the upkeep of the building and other outreach ministries.

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Paying On The Net or Gross Income

Some argue about the particulars of tithes, like should it be paid on their net or gross income. Since the net amount is what is truly earned, many say that this amount should be used. Others state that what they bring home is what they have. The other funds have been taken to pay taxes and is not income they can use. So, this group tends to lean toward paying on the gross income. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter whether one pays on the net or gross income, it is the act of obedience to God’s Word that matters.

More Ways Than Ever To Give

Things have certainly changed since the Bible times. Today, online giving for churches has become quite popular. Churches are using PayPal, Visa, Master Card, and other methods to accommodate today’s worker. Most people don’t carry cash, so they find it difficult to pay the church. When a church deals with checks, they must deal with insufficient funds and the costs associated with it. By using online methods to collect their payments, it makes things easier.

Writing Off Donations As Tax Deductions

Churches must give all tithe payers a statement that can be used as a charitable donation on their taxes. By giving online, it also allow one to keep track of their funds with ease. For those who still believe and take part in this old-fashioned Biblical act, they will find that giving today is much different and easier than it was more than 2,000 years ago.


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