Different Ways you can Enjoy a Little Mary Jane

Weed is becoming legal in many places in the United States, meaning that it will continue to move across the country. It is estimated that marijuana use has doubled in the United States in the past decade. Still, it is kind of new, so the following will show you a few ways you can have your favorite green.

The Jay

One of the most popular ways for consuming this herb is by rolling some in paper. This is thin paper, sometimes called a jay that allows you to smoke it just like you would a cigarette. Some people do not like this method because you have to roll it on your own, but those who do not mind enjoy it.


Weed is a plant, and it can be baked with the right ingredients. It is a little time consuming because sometimes the marijuana oil must be extracted from the source, but the benefit is that the high is strong and long-lasting. Of course, you do have to wait sometime after eating an edible before you feel the effects.

The Pipe

Some marijuana users want to smoke it but want to make sure that every bit of the marijuana is consumed, which usually leads them to wholesale water pipes. Glass pipes are easy to use, which is just another reason people love them. Of course, others love that it is the best way to extend smoking time since jays do not last too long.


Those who want to smoke but hate that burnt taste associated with jays may want to consider vaporizing their weed. You have probably noticed that vapor stores sell vape sticks, which can be used to smoke weed, too. The vapor is a lot easier on your lungs and throat, which is great. You should also know that most people love the taste.

Ingestible Oils

Another great idea is to take ingestible cannabis oil in pill form. This works well for those who want a long-lasting effect but hate the taste of edibles. Yes, some people simply cannot stand the taste of weed in their brownies, but they still want the same effect. Of course, it is important to start with a small dose because these pills have a strong effect.


You may be dealing with some type of chronic pain, which means that you probably use marijuana to suppress this. Smoking this herb at home works out well, but there are times when you have to go to work and you cannot experience some of the euphoric side effects. Topicals are creams that you can apply to the areas that hurt when you are out and can’t smoke.

You should consider going to a cannabis store to learn about other ways of taking marijuana. There is bound to be new ways of consuming it as it becomes legal and acceptable in more places, so go ahead and explore to find your favorite methods.

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