Control your mood and lighting with your smartphone

It is a sort of Iot but with a smartphone. You can have lighting control with your mood at your fingertips. Now that wish is a reality with Hinchlys lighting control system using your smartphone.

By incorporating a dimmer switch you can adjust a room’s light level to create an entirely new level, the dimmer can be hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, or your smartphone or tablet. Incredible it may sound but true, lighting control is almost like a mind control facility.


You can change the ambiance of your home, as per the mood of the residents or guests. The lighting can excite you or make you relaxed. You can tune the porch light and make a welcome mood. Now you have a better than that photodiode operated lighting system,

Whether it is LED lights, table lamps, external lights, bathroom lighting, overhead lights, chandeliers or any other light you can set the mood right. You can opt for a fully automated system, plug in and play, or access via smart apps .and on the process, you are going to save on your electricity bill as well.

Lighting control is much easier. It can be a switch or an app. The choice is yours. You can have bright bulbs, smart control panel or smartphone as you decide to light control. Mostly a transmitter, a receiver, and a lighting control are needed.


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or plug and play are popular interfaces. Wi-Fi is cost efficient system as most smart devices are geared to operate via Wifi or Bluetooth technology.

Mobile Apps When you wish to control the whole house via automation, you need a simple, yet effective way of doing so. The best option is to use a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. You just have to ensure that you use a compatible app for your chosen system. You can opt for heating, security or lighting control.


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