Computer Screen Radiation

The harmful radiation effect from your computer screen from Electromagnetic radiations (EMR) is possible by using Aires screen shield. All screens like cell phones, TV, laptop, tablet, or e-reader do emit harmful EMR.These rays can impinge your brains and can cause malfunction including malignant tumour. Loss of visions, hearing impairments are also possible besides body cell damage.

Almost all devices, appliance and piece of equipment that we use in our homes and offices emits a form of electromagnetic radiation EMR is an of radio wave that can be harmful to the cells of the body. Instead of an anti-radiation screen filter, what you need is an Aires Defender that is an award-winning product is a display protector. The emitted radiation from computer or laptop screens is equally dangerous as that of cell phones.

Continuous expire to computer screen radiation exposure has been shown to cause blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, neurosis, insomnia and it can even cause cancer. The malignant tumours of the brain make you sluggish and less articulate. Computer screen radiation is not being taken seriously by people.

Our metabolism are continuously assaulted by EMR every day that we live in a modern civilized society. We get exposed to dangerous levels of EMR at our jobs and even when we are in the safety of our homes. Computer screen radiation can be hazardous, but you do not have to worry about it affecting.

Yes,  Aires Defender Is the Perfect defence against radiation from computer or laptop Screen. The Aires Defender uses a patented technology that is called FDL or Fractal diffraction lattice. This is a latest technology advancement just cut out for the right protection you need from computer or laptop screens.

Award winning Aires Tech has developed computer screen radiation protectors are well acclaimed with lot of users worldwide.

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