Benefits of Cloud Based Archiving

Once upon a time all business related data was stored in handwritten files, but those days are long gone, everything has gone digital now, and even though this consumes less space in terms of rooms filled with dusty files, the space required for storing the digital files in terms of Gigabytes and Terabytes isn’t any less enormous. Big businesses and conglomerates often have so much data that they take up rooms full of storage devices. But cloud based archiving is a much better option.

Value for money

With cloud there is no need to spend money on any hardware. All you need is to Download Archive Manager from MLtek and archive old and unused files and upload them to the cloud. This method of storage is efficient and scalable, if you need more storage, you won’t have to build a new data center which can be a really expensive undertaking. Cloud storage eliminates the cost associated with maintaining and upgrading physical data centers without compromising on functionality.

Improved data preservation

When you save data in physical hard drives, there is a chance that the data might be lost if the hard drive crashes or it gets damaged somehow. Your sensitive data might even get stolen by a competitor. With cloud that will never be a concern, even if your office burns down or gets damaged by flood, your data will be safe and sound in the cloud servers.

Enchanted security

Cloud servers already has enchanted security, but if you want another layer of security then download MLtek’s archiving software so that before uploading to storage you can sort the files and identify any suspicious files that shouldn’t be there. If you want to maintain a data center, you will require multiple levels of security, and despite your efforts, human error can lead to data leak or worse. Cloud makes such elaborate measures unnecessary.

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