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As we use computers, internet, different websites, web applications there remains a possibility of computer security breaches. Minor security breaches with little or no loss of data can be ignored. But when security breaches are major then data loss can reach to catastrophic levels.

Importance of Security Analysts

There are many instances worldwide when computer security breaches occurred. Usually the hacker community runs scripts remotely and cause security breaches. Security breaches occur at corporate levels. They are common in cyber warfare.

Computer hackers always look out for new vulnerabilities to cause breach in security, steal data. When networks are insecure then information about an organization, its employees are not safe and remain at risk of being stolen. Because of computer security breaches governments can be at risk.

Information security analysts develop and implement security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks. Since cyber-attacks are a common phenomenon therefore the knowledge and expertise of the security analysts are in great demand.

If you’re contemplating on a career in information technology then it’s important that you comprehend the fundamentals of network security and this includes how you can prevent yourself as well as others from potentially harmful cyber-attacks.

Network Security

Securing a computer network needs a combination of hardware components like routers, modems, and firewalls as well as antivirus or antimalware software products. Businesses as well as certain government agencies spend significantly in ensuring computer network security. They hire highly skilled analysts to implement various security plans and monitor the effectiveness of the plans on a constant basis.

Network security involves undertaking of preventive measures in order to protect company network infrastructure from misuse, unauthorized access, destruction, modification, improper disclosure. Proper implementation of the measures help users, computers, programs used in the computers to function efficiently in s secured environment.

Importance of Network Security

Network security is significant for home as well as office networks, globally. Homes with high-speed web connection use one or more routers (wireless routers) and these hardware components can be easily exploited if they are kept unsecured.

Tips of Enhancing Network Security at Home

If you are cautious about network security at home then the following steps can help boost the home network security:-

  • Change router admin username, password regularly
  • Change the name of network
  • Activate encryption
  • Double up on using firewalls
  • Turn off any guest network
  • Update the router firmware

There are available many businesses, online which offers clients or customers network security solutions. These businesses like ECS maintain corporate web portals where they highlight the services they offer to the customers.

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