A new e sports platform Gilgam

At last an e-sports platform independent developing a platform by Gilgam. And reap the benefit of boosting. It is easy to operate

You can play any platform supported game with the token procured. You can even exchange or swap the tokens. They are specific smart contract tokens. You can be assured of a win with the GGS tokens in our platform. You can buy or sell GGS when you want directly from our company or some third party exchanges!

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This AI controlled platform is meant for individual players and teams totally safe from fraud and hacking. Since they are running on running on Ethereum ico and blockchain, they are fool proof.

The artificial intelligence deployed will analyse individual score and points. The disputes are minimized due to the eth function. So far the iPhone led manipulation of the E-sports was casting the shadow on the safety a lot. More and smarter hackers are deterred due to the use of cargo and dota2.

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You love to play safe, but there are stumbling blocks. You need not be scared any longer thanks to the unique fighting tools icon and crowd sale with you now.

The lifespan of gamers is enhanced significantly. The probability of your winning is also enhanced.In the Digital Games Market on a global scale multiplayer option is another attractive feature worth appreciating.

You can quickly add Sponsorships  & Advertising in the gaming platform with ease. Now you can safely enter into the betting & fantasy sites covering Major League Gaming prize pools. And the greatest advantage is that you can pay with ultimate privacy and & Confidence.

 Now even at the Micro tournaments, betting to make the revenue up. This is Ideal for eSports enthusiasts who want to have a fun filled and rewarding game online. You shall be happy with the full potential of the game which is designed for different regions,

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