8 Essential Software for Calls and Video Chat

Video calls have already, and will continue to transform the corporate world, providing a concrete solution to financial constraints (reduction of expenses) and ecological aspects (reduction of environmental impacts). Video calls allow a whole new interaction between users, and erases the main brake of a standard telephone call: the absence of visible reactions. Not to mention complex videoconferencing systems and installed in medium to large companies, there are already video conferencing software for making video calls. Here is a selection of 8 applications for video calls.

EzTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is one of most fashionable platforms that has gained popularity amongst the users within a very short time. From offering abrilliantquality on teleconference to providing a secure condition for the calls, this software has useful features that are required to attract the user’s attention. Some of the beneficial features that this software offers are as follow:

Screen sharing with the attendees.

Unlimited meetings up to 100 participants for free

Group and person-to-person chat along with recording and playback ability.

Joining meetings in any devices even browsers.


Skype needs no introduction in the industry of video conference. It has been applied for many years and is the most popular andtrustworthy platform for teleconferencing calls. The software offers variety of convenient to the users. It offers benefits like free calling, group chat,message sending to many contacts at a single time, etc. All such functions have helped in maintaining the value of the software. But Skype allows you to make free calls only between two computers or terminals equipped with Skype and connected to the Internet, using a microphone and speakers, or a headset or telephone connected to the computer. Skype also allows video conference.


Qik is compatible only with a series of precise smartphones (including iPhone but also HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy Tab), the Qik application allows video calling. Qik’s interest (and the reason why we present it to you) is that its possibilities far outweigh video calls. Of course, this function is central, but Qik also allows, with a video, to carry out many actions: posting it on Facebook, on Twitter, sending it to its WordPress blog. In fact, developers have embedded compatibility with many platforms. Make your videos, and publish them wherever you want!

Windows Live Messenger

The text of presentation of the official site summarizes very well the services offered by Windows Live Messenger: Share photos and videos while chatting. Chat in HD video conferencesor send a video message to a friend. And connect your social networks to see important novelties in the same place: Messenger. The strength of Messenger? Its rate of equipment. Essentially, oriented private and young, this messaging software is not really the most professional solution, but it makes video more vivid! In addition, it is possible to perform various actions while chatting: Launching a slide show of your favorite photos, watching online videos, sending files or searching the web for images, websites and videos to share.


Fring allows video calls and conversations via instant messages. Indeed, Fring embeds your Facebook accounts, Twitter, and well-on its own service, and shows you who is online. The problem? Having a person connected does not mean that the person has a microphone / webcam, and the experience is a bit difficult. We still like the bundled video call service, which allows 4 users to talk at the same time!

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger is the video conferencingsystem by Yahoo. It integrates audio and video calls, but the main strength is the integration of Yahoo services, which allows users to check their e-mail, weather, etc. Disadvantage: Yahoo! Messenger requires a pre-registration with Yahoo to open an account.

Google Talk

Google Talk comes in two forms. As an audio and video plug-in for your browser, or as a real software to download and install. Prefer the plug-in version, which allows audio and video calls, and most importantly, is compatible PC and Mac (unlike the software version, only PC). Caution: Audio and video chat has compatible issues with the Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard system. Google Talk also integrates into Gmail, so it is convenient if you use this software.


Just like Skype orezTalks Meetings, ooVoo allows you to record video calls be in real time, as well as video calls that can reach up to 6 people simultaneously. ooVoo videoconferencing services, which allow users to start a group video up to 6 people in a call, as well as the ability to add to 6 telephone participants, are chargeable. Note: an interesting feature, free video messaging. You can record a video of up to 1 minute and send it to a contact, free of charge (up to 5 minutes with a paid subscription).

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