4 Hosting Blunders that Bloggers Commonly Make

We are living in an internet-led society where an increasing population of people is starting out their career as a blogger. If you are also the one ready to start your own blog soon, here you will find some really helpful tips when it comes to selecting the web host for you. However, before you go live withthe blog, you should stay aware of the options with web hosting.

Mentioned below are some common blunders that bloggers make. Read along!

1.     Best Rates Hosts are Your Only Hope

Well-reputed, famous web hosts are quite credible, but many bloggers are so much blindsided by the success and repo these companies have attained, and they completely forget to consider whether the prospective web host covers their business needs or not. Sometimes you end up paying more than what you have to. Let’s say if your website does not attract a stream of traffic there is no point in getting a web host that powers high-speed hosting.

2.     Choosing Cheapest Web Host

When you are tight on the budget, pricing is your main concern. If you do not have enough budget right now, try to put things on hold and select a reputable web host after accumulating enough capital to afford the right package.

Your products and customers’ experience should be the priority. If you have found a free hosting solution, but it leads to bloating and insecure website, then there is no ingenuity in putting your business reputation at stake just to cut back the hosting expenses.

Remember that there is adifference between cheap and affordable website hosting services. When you are in quest of high-quality web hosts, it is good to go for companies offering affordable rates while providing necessary features and services to cover your web hosting needs. In contrast, cheap web hosting may offer too little for the cash you are paying and your website may get negatively affected because of lesser and/or no extra services and support.

3.     Neglecting the Terms and Conditions

Many people do not go through the Terms of Services a.k.a terms of use present on the website. Make sure to run down the terms of FUP (Fair Usage Policy) or else you can get yourself in the hot waters. Make sure to check the refund policy—specifically.

Don’t fall into the trap of banners showing 30 days refund policy, as there is a catch in that. There are some conditions applied for the refund, so rather than ending up crying over spilled milk, be certain to read the ToS and FUP beforehand.

4.     Passing Over the Live Chat Support

Customer support is as important as hosting features, speed, price, and performance. You may not have a command in managing servers and hosting stuff, so when a problem arises, you have to knock the doors of customer services staff to address the problems. Therefore, you have access to your support teams that are available to you all the time. Having a technical team at your disposal round the clock gives you a huge advantage.

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