15 Photoshop Tutorials for iPhone App Design

Photoshop is a great choice for mobile application template and interface design. You can create any style of background, navigation menu, buttons or icons using Adobe Photoshop. This software is capable of creating high-resolution, scalable graphics and can even be used to make your logos and typography. Follow these 15 amazing Photoshop tutorials to create templates and other design elements for your next iPhone app.

1. Flat iPhone App

Flat designs are increasing in popularity among apps in the App Store. You can use this Photoshop tutorial to create your own dark-themed flat app layout for virtually any mobile app. This step-by-step tutorial can guide you through creating a flat background, navigation bar, and other elements for your next app.

2. Music Player App

This tutorial will walk you through the creative process for making a music player iPhone app. You can use this guide to learn button and menu creation and to design a stunning, sleek and metallic background that will work great on any media player application.

3. Photoshop Layouts for iPhone Apps

This tutorial is great for beginners and first-time app designers. It will teach you how to make basic background and layouts for your app, as well as how to add menu buttons and user-interface components. Try this tutorial if you’re new to app-making or need a refresher on the fundamentals.

4. Financial App

If you’re in the market to create a financial application which can track and analyze expenditures or other monetary data, then this is a great tutorial to follow. This iPhone design tutorial starts you out with basic sketching and produces a finished product worthy of any bank or financial organization.

5. Advanced Photoshop App Design

This tutorial covers advanced areas of designing iPhone apps in Adobe Photoshop. It will show you how to setup your Photoshop work area and tool boxes for quick and easy editing of mobile app interfaces. Follow this to amp up your design efforts and learn the best tools for designing iPhone apps.

6. Countdowns and Timers

Many apps could benefit from the installation of a countdown timer, or other time-based animation. This app design tutorial will show you the steps of creating an awesome countdown page for your app. You can even install this on the mobile version of your website by uploading it to your web hosting to track the upcoming release of your next iPhone application.

7. iPhone App Icon Design Tutorial

This tutorial will further your icon making skills by walking you through the correct process of making mobile app icons. You can create 3D looking icons for any iPhone app by following the design steps shown in this handy guide for mobile designers.

8. To-Do Lists and Task Management Apps

This creative tutorial shows you how to make a notebook style mobile application for listing and organizing tasks and regular to-do list items. It uses a lined-paper style background and penciled in fonts and typography for a fashionable, professional result.

9. Contacts Page

If you’re building an app that contains contact lists or can access the iPhones internal contact table then this tutorial will be of great benefit to you. This creative, dark-themed contacts page will work great for organizing any contact list on your next mobile app project. Use it to connect to databases on your own web hosting for phone-independent contacts storage.

10. Keypad Button App

This unique guide to creating iPhone app buttons in Photoshop will show you how to make telephone style buttons for use with any app. This is great for apps with calling or private messaging, and can work in many mobile games as well. All you need is Adobe Photoshop and an hour or two to complete this retro design.

11. iOS 7 App Interfaces

This tutorial walks you through creating an app interface inspired by the home screen and iconography of iOS 7. This makes for a great, familiar interface that can be used in app demos and templates or as the basis for any standard mobile application.

12. Instagram Widgets Design

If you’re planning on integrating an Instagram widget so that users can see your profile details, or easily access Instagram accounts from your mobile app, then this is a great tutorial to follow. Use this guide to create an importable widget to display Instagram profiles or statistics in any iPhone application.

13. iPhone Chat App Design Tutorial

This guide will teach you how to create the layout and buttons for your chat based application. Create a familiar message based app for individuals and groups to chat with by follow the steps found here. The finished product created with this tutorial contains areas for text input, a send button, and templates for lists or group chatters and contacts.

14. Calendar Design for iPhone Apps

If you want to make a calendar application for iPhone then this is a great place to start. This tutorial teaches you how to make calendars to track events and important dates with a colorful, flat design. The dates and buttons have detailed, cut-paper edges for a more professional and advanced appearance. Use this for standalone calendar apps or integrate it into a larger app for added functionality.

15. Weather Apps

This tutorial for creating app designs in Adobe Photoshop will teach you how to make a weather-based mobile application. You can complete the frontend of your app from choosing background colors to installing flat, grid-style icons using this easy to follow tutorial.

Adobe’s long time designer-favorite editing application Photoshop is a must-have for any web or app designer. You can create professional quality templates, themes and buttons for your iPhone app using Photoshop alone. These tutorials will familiarize you with advanced features and options that will make your app stand out among your competition in the App Store. Get started with one of these easy-to-follow tutorials to create the basic frame or even design bells and whistles for your next iPhone app.

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